eyes makeup tips


To keep eyebrows in place, apply clear mascara.

Fill in natural eyebrows with a soft brow pencil or shadow. This gives eyes more definition and helps frame the face. Be careful not to overdo it and blend well to look as natural as possible.

Eyebrows should be slightly lighter than hair color. If you bleach your hair, dye your natural eyebrows to be a similar color.


To separate lashes without mascara, apply a balm on the tips and in your brows to separate and keep them in place.

To prevent smudging use a water resistant or waterproof mascara.

If you don't want to wear mascara, just apply false lashes to open up the eyes.

Use an eyelash curler to help open up the eye area. Begin at the base and curl, then move to the middle and curl, and finally, curl the tips. Curling in stages gives a natural looking curl instead of a kinky-looking lash.

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Use concealer on your eyelids, under eye shadow, to help color go on smoother and stay on longer.

To combat dark circles, use an eye cream to help hydrate the area and diminish dark circles.

Regardless of your age, use an eye cream; it keeps the area hydrated and can protect against dark circles and wrinkles.

For a softer eyeliner look, use a shadow to line the eyes; to smudge out eyeliner pencil, go over it with a liner brush to create a softer line.

To help eye makeup stay in place longer, use concealer as a base.

To keep loose shadow from falling onto cheeks, put it on cheeks to protect, then brush it off when finished, without smearing the loose shadow in your foundation.

Try using colors to line the eyes; softer hues define eyes without looking too made up.

Use peachy tones to help brighten skin, especially under the eyes.