general makeup tips

general everyday makeup tips for you

Wear age-appropriate makeup and know that sometimes, less is more.

Don't overdo it. During the day wear soft colors. You can add darker colors to enhance the look for evening.

For guys, use blotting paper to absorb facial oil and prevent unwanted shine.

For women, before you powder, use blotting paper to soak up oil before applying powder, to prevent caking. Here's a secret: If you don't have blotting paper, toilet seat covers work, too!

To wash makeup brushes, use a facial cleanser or shampoo. Make sure to dry them flat to keep the water from settling where the bristles are glued.

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Blend, blend and blend again! You shouldn't be able to see where one color stops and another starts. Use your brushes to blend colors together so it's a subtle progression.

Branch out and try colors you normally wouldn't. It's easy to get caught up in the same old routine; different colors can create a whole new look.

For stubborn pimples, use concealer over foundation and dab it on and blend the edges, keeping it concentrated where you want coverage. Set it with powder to keep in place.

Try new products and practice using them. The more familiar you become with your face and products, the better the results and you'll learn what works for you.