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Feeling flirty or is it a serious situation? Either way, it’s always the right time to bat your beautiful lashes when you’re wearing an amazing mascara. This tube forming formula is not like your traditional mascaras.  Instead of painting your lashes the old way, our mascara actually forms little tubes around the lash building volume while protecting the lash.  No more raccoon eyes or rubbing to get your mascara off cause the tubes slide right off when your ready to remove it. 


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"I would like to feature the mascara as my fave find on Friday. This is the first time that I am featuring the same company twice in a row but i just love both products. Now tell me this....I take off the mascara with my regular Almay gel make-up remover. ..The mascara that comes off on the cotton ball looks a bit ashy and presents much differently than other mascaras. That is a good thing! Why is that? It leaves no mascara below my eyes and when I get out of the shower and wipe my face, I don't have the two black circles on my towel...the remaining mascara that was always left after make-up remover, cleansing and all. What makes this different and the removal so much cleaner and easier?"

Thanks!, Lisa Cocuzza
It's a Glam Thing
"I am extremely picky with mascara!!! I have used the same brand of mascara for as long as I can remember. When I find one I love I stick with it. This mascara goes on smooth and dramatically improved the length of my lashes immediately. There was no clumping, and the skinny smaller sized brush gets into the corners of my lashes without smudging onto my skin.The best part is, if I fall asleep with my make up on, when I wake up my mascara is still perfectly in place, no black eyes!! It is very easy to wash off….I have found my new favorite mascara that I will use for years to come.”

~ Jessica
"Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE!! the makeup, it stayed on all day for me. I love that the foundation comes with a primer (which is great!!). The mascara... great as well, of course! I love how the brush is so small, I can get I get my whole eyelash. And it goes on so great. And of course the lips liner and gloss! In love with it. At work...my co-workers took notice at how different I looked and I actually felt "pretty" for once in my life. So thank you for that."

~ Lindsay

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